Project Overview

HK is a reputed restaurant in Vijayawada. They have been looking for Digital Marketing for quite a while and especially post covid, they are looking for a solution to promote their restaurant online in possible ways to -> Get more exposure to their offers, Bring More customers into the restaurant.


Social Media Marketing


Organic SMM, Theme based posts strategy


Instagram- HungryKitchen.Vij

Key Problems Identified

  • Irregular Posting Schedule.
  • No engageable content (Only Offers are being promoted)
  • Low Follower Count.
  • No dedicated reach unless they boosted their post.

We at RE have come up with a multi phase solution which could help in addressing the current situation. While the options were categorized between Organic & Paid Marketing, we opted for a Hybrid Approach.

The Solution/Result

We are happy that we chose you for managing our Insta & FB page. We’ve seen a good amount of growth in our reach to existing followers and gaining new followers on social pages.

Eswar – Owner (HungryKitchen)
  • Created a Consistent Posting schedule with different media formats. (Used move video style posts than regular Images)
  • Created Posts following a specific & current topic/news. (Used IPL Theme & specific to their current promotional offers)
  • Multi channel approach to reach more customers (Used Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp)
  • Optimized FB page with proper SEO in Description, Posts, About Us, etc.,
  • Setup Automated Messenger Bot (to answer common questions when people visit FB pages)
  • Overhauled Insta profile with proper Description, Highlights with Customer Appreciations/mentions, Online Menu, etc.,
  • Identified applicable hashtags and used posting with the same.
  • Instagram Influencer marketing along with collaboration giveaway.
  • Used Manual Posting instead of a scheduler to avoid any algorithm issues by specific platforms.

With a combination of above setup, customer has achieved a significant,,

  • Increased reach within existing followers with only Organic Posting
  • Increased Followers to their page/business on Insta.
  • Rise in Brand awareness among the people in Vijayawada.
  • Growth in the reach to new customers in both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Increase in followers range by 106% with implementation of above mentioned strategies along with Influencer Marketing