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FoodTrucks are booming as a business for every food enthusaists to get into. With various things happening around in the world, there is a wide need to take your business online and establish a perfect marketing plan to make it profitable. The first step in this process will be to have your own Food Truck Website, which not only attract your customers, but also give a chance for them to know more about your business.

Let us take a look at various aspects that you need to consider while building your Food Truck website. If you are looking for answers to your questions like, Top Reasons why a Foot Truck needs website, Does Foodtruck needs a website, What are the features to include in Foodtruck website, How to build your FoodTruck website with low cost, continue reading this article where we deep dive on all these aspects.

While it is easy to build your own food truck, it does take some time and need some professional website developers to make it perfect. Before we get started, if you don’t want to spend your energy on this part and concentrate on your foodtruck, we are here to do the needful for you. Just reach us out for a (DFY) Done For You Food Truck Website.


Benefits of having a Food Truck

Nowadays, food trucks are very much in style everywhere, which is why most people are starting food truck businesses because there are many Benefits of having a food truck. Today we will discuss those benefits. What are the benefits of a food truck?

Low Investment – To start a hotel or restaurant, you need more staff power and most importantly, more space. However, you can get started with Food Truck business with very low capital, less space and fewer staff.

Add Free – There is very low to null budget required for marketing your food truck, unlike big hotels and restaurants that spend quite a good amount of their profits on advertising.

Flexible location – A cafe or a restaurant need a large space to start. But you need less space for a food truck and you can move it from one place to another.

You will be the boss – Many people have a dream of becoming a boss and providing employment to many people through themselves. You will work on your own time. If you start a food truck business, you can provide jobs to others as well.


Does Food Truck need a website

Short Answer is Yes!  A website is very important for a food truck. There are many people who order food by phone while they are on move and having a website will help them reach you any time.

You may have an interesting story behind starting a FoodTruck or being an Enterprenuer. It is going to hard explaining about this to your visitors.  But, if you have a website, you can convey your story to people who are interested in knowing more about you.

Due to the flexible nature of these trucks, it might be hard to find you even they like your food taste. So, when you have a website, it is easy for them memorize you and visit you in the palce you are serving.

It also shows how serious you are with your business. Many food truck owners, try to show case their Menu, photos of the areas they are serving, vistors enjoying the food.

Lets consider you have your foodtruck located near a carnival or at an event and local TV or Youtube Influencer tries to cover you. Where do you want people to find after the TV show or Youtube video goes viral?

Google helps in suggesting people best choices. But, if you do not have a website, how else google can show your business to the people who are searching for Best Food Trucks around them?

If you are wondering what else you can show off on your website, just continue reading on and we got you covered with that info as well.


What details should include in a Food Truck website.

As we discussed above, you can show case your story behind starting your truck. There are a few other key things that makes your Food Truck website a perfect place to visit and get more information, in turn  generate more business.

Location/s & Hours – While you may be serving in one location, most of the food trucks do not serve just one place. So, showcasing the locations & Hours you serve is one of the key things to consider on your website. May it be just one or many or random, having this noted will keep your customers informed.

Contact Number – Keep your food truck phone number that will receive calls from all the customers. You may be busy handling the customers in peak hrs. But, having a phone number can help your customers reach you directly and avoid loss of business.

Menu – The most important aspect of our business is the Items we serve, in other words the MENU. Having an attractive layout of your menu (even if you serve just few items or many items) makes a huge difference. Adding Pictures/photos of your dishes and if possible the description of items will be a huge advantage and makes your site the perfect place.

Photos – May it be photos of your menu items or visitors or the special attractions or the neighbour hood areas where your food truck is serving.  Every photos matters on your website.

Shop – This might be optional, but if you have any merchandise, you want to sell, you can setup on your website for your visitors to purchase from there.

Blog – An optional item that most of the food trucks websits skip is a Blog section. While it is true that you don’t need this, foodtrucks may have more stories to blog or vlog about than any other businesses. They serve multiple locations and do have many experiences that you may love to share with your audience.

Social Media Links – Links to your Social Media channels are some of the most important aspects to cover as part of your website. Thesse days, people are more available on Social anyway.


How to create a food truck website

In short, just contact us and we will take care for you 🙂 …

However, If you would like to get your hands on creating your own website, you just need to 3 main things.

  1. Domain name for your food truck
  2. Hosting for your website
  3. Theme to display the content in a presentable way


Once you have above things, you can install WordPress and setup the Theme with your food truck details. It will need another entire post to explain how to setup your food truck website. And we will link it when it is ready. Meanwhile, if you need some help on setting up your FoodTruck website, we are happy to help you.

There are some free options you can try using the platforms like Wix, Weebly, etc., But, having our own domain and doing it on a CMS platform like wordpress gives us more flexibility and control over what we can create and also have full ownership of the website.


Have a question about your FoodTruck website, reach us out to discuss further.

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